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I'm Published!!

"My Daughter Said She'd Burn This Book!"

by L. David Mark

Yes, "My Daughter Said She'd Burn This Book!"
by L. David Mark (a collection of mostly
personal, somewhat irreverent observations on
family, work, life & that sort of thing . . . .
is off press and available through Amazon online.

Click on www.amazon.com & select "books."
Then Then type my titlein the "Question Slot" at the
top of the page and follow the ordering instructions
($7.00 + shipping and handling).

(for a preview of contents, go to "selected chapters.)


Off and on from May 30 to June 9, we hosted the "Arizona Family Farm" -- i.e., our
daughter Cindy, husband Israel & their progeny: 2 girls, Noah-18 & Maggie-17;
3 boys,Sarel-almost 16, Yonah-14 & Tal-11; a girl, Song-9; 2 more boys, Bo-7
& Derek-5; and another girl, Jewel-3.
(Click on a picture for a bigger image (and click here for more pics)
Maggie & NoahSarelYonahTalSongDerek & Bo Jewel

The Dancer
Teagan - 7
(Click for bigger image)
And at her June 2, 2017 recital.

A Helpful Visit!

Is it Song from Paris or Song from China? In any event, our granddaughter "Songie"
(actually Faith Song) was a great help when she arrived here for a week's stay with my
daughter Cindy to assist in my recovery from a fall down a down escalator on March 23.
(Damage = a broken collar bone, various cuts and bruises and a compressed
disk, which makes a back brace necessary. Note truth in advertising: They said it
would be uncomfortable and they were right! But I'm surviving.)
At any rate, 9-year-old Song was a great help as a fetcher, picker-upper (I can't bend
in the brace) and quite a sweet little girl (we miss her already!)
Note: click on a picture for a bigger image

Click here to look at three situations with dire consequences!

It's getting so you can't give a gal a friendly pat on the rear but what somebody hollers "sexual harassment!"

My 2017 downsizing update!

One week in
February =

& Teagan

Feb. 12:

is four!

Feb. 17:


Click on a picture for a larger image

Random words worth considering:

* Procreation is the key to our universe (from termites to grass to humans)
* Your life now is like a half-finished crossword puzzle
* With relish, I claim the title of "Preserver" (the Wife spells it p-a-c-k r-a-t)

Christmas 2016

Trump Presidential motto? But, hey, I didn't really mean it!
The Mark Moseley Story
Stuff, Stuff & More Stuff

Let the season begin!

Donald Trump in one word: Click here!

Summer blooms at our house
(Pink by Mary)(from the Mike
McCarron Memorial
Rose Bush)

The Arizona Tribe of Cindy and Israel (Click on a picture for a bigger image)

Noah - 18!
college bound
Maggie - 16 &
college classes
SarEl now 15Cindy - The Mom Israel with a bunchHere's Yonah!Three cubs?Handsome Tal

Doctor visitFaith SongHere's BoazAnd DerekJewel Grace SarEl once moreNoah & Maggie

August 2016: Steve & Jenny Go to Iceland(Click on a picture for a bigger image)

Teagan & Elektra eye IcelandThe "T"Elektra & dollHolding up Iceland?Elektra with poolSarah, Jenny & T
Click here for more pictures!

Vagrant thoughts for when
"you're not that young anymore!"

Two Good Ones!

In June 2015, Steve and Jenny & the
two little girls came to visit. Going
upstairs -- one step at the time -- Mary
turned to 5-year-old Teagan and said,
"You know I don't move as fast as I
used to." And Teagan replied, "Well,
you're not as slow as Grandpa!"

This spring, my physical therapist Lara
told me a story about her 6 1/2-year-old
niece. Speaking with her grandmother,
she used the word "why." The grandmother
replied, "Why? Because I know everthing."
And the little girl indignantly replied,
"You're not Google!"

What if . . . . (A modern fable/conjecture?)

Our 2015 Christmas Letter

Question: Is there any place prettier
than northern Virginia in the springtime?

For answer, click on the blossoming azalea at right.

(P.S. - Can you find the one picture that "doesn't quite belong"?)

Our Youngest Grandchild2015 Pictures from Arizona

Jewel Grace
in her Princess dress
Noah: Sweet 16Tal's 9th B-day
costume party
The "Mom"

Click here for

Steve & Jenny

family slide show

Little Girl in

big shoes video

"Warm Valley" -- a poem I wrote many years ago while in college.

Our 2014 Christmas Letter

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Phone home Elektra!
Teagan's ready Burke/West Springfield
Senior Center Without Walls
Let the season begin! Click here

for Video of




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for the

Home Page

Click here

for an article in

the Burke Connection

about the

Center Without Walls

(My best photo yet)
for Halloween
(And it quotes me!)

Ancient Cultures of the Great Sea

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
ElektraTeaganEaster girlsOur trip to Arizona!

"Me! Me! Pick me!
I know the answer!"
Birthday girl!At our houseClick on image for more pix

Steve & Jenny's

family pictures

January 2014

Optimists' year-end letter: A Parody!

Which view of Teagan is cutest?
Noah, our oldest
grandchild, was
And our youngest,
Jewel Grace,
Christmas Video of
Elektra Miran Mark

Feeding herself!

Little shoppers
December 28, 2013 15 on 12/14/2013 4 mo. on 12/11/13 doing the crawl thing! Left-handed??Who's driving?

Our 2013 Christmas Letter         Year-End Letter -- A Parody!

             Click on any picture below for a bigger image

Halloween in
Poquoson, Va.

Faith Song's
birthday party

a ride
Jenny &
First day of
Steve &
Trying on an
early Easter hat
Elektra's ready
for Santa
Teagan found the
Christmas cookies


    * Note: A few days later, the teacher called to say that
"Teagan was trying to take over the class!"

Nelson Kids
Score Big
at Arizona
State Fair!

Maggie's ArtworkSarEl's
Basket & Legos
Faith Song's Art
Click on a picture for a bigger image

A new granddaughter: Jewel Grace!

Elektra's Christening

Teagan at 3 years old (born 2/17/2010)

Teagan has a sister (& we have a new granddaughter)!

Stuff & More Stuff
Ode to HillarySmarmy
Poem 1Poem 2

Two slideshows: Teagan leaves us at Christmas.


Teagan grows up.

Steve & Jenny's pre-Christmas family photos

With the football season behind us, perhaps we can take some time to look at some of the potential team mascots that, well, let's just say "didn't make it" -- "The Rat Terriers;' "The Fighting Euphonious Ewes;" "The Fetching Collies;" "The Fierce Ferrets;" "The Craven Cows;" "The Silly Spaniels;" & finally (an all-girls school) "The Buxom Bluejays."

Our 2012 Christmas letter!

Faith Song growing up - 5 on Dec. 1, 2012
I call her "BTM" (that stands for "Blonder Than Most!")

Say "Hi" to "Ootie"

VIDEO: Watch Teagan do a "Victory Dance" on YouTube

Teagan - 2 1/2 years old
Derek - 1 year old Oct. 21
Click on either
picture for a
bigger image
Cute as ever!
Same marvelous smile!

August 2012: Figs Galore!

Now on YouTube: L. David Mark's "101 Epic Events That Shaped Human History"

Derek steps out!

My epistle for you history buffs: "A Very Short History of the Ancient World"

June 2012: A visit from Derek (7 1/2 mo.) . . . . . . and his motherDerek with his Grammy and Grampa
"I think I'll charm you with my smile!"Derek with Cindy More Father's Day Weekend photos

APHIS celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Finally, recognition: Senior Awards!

April 2012 Videos: Teagan drinking/eating *** Tal (#11) & Faith Song (#8) playing soccer *** Teagan hunting Easter eggs *** Derek sitting up

Latest grandkid pictures - Christmas 2011
Teagan - 2Top: Yonah, Noah, SarEl, Maggie, Tal
Bottom: Faith Song, Derek, Bo

Christmas letter 2011

Another grandson! And check out Derek's cameo appearance on YouTube!

The earthquake of August 23 (we were eating crabs in Occoquan!); Hurricane Irene on August 27; & then, on Sept. 8, we had our

Flash Flood of 2011!

View in front of our house: "The storm drain was plugged - we got my car out - the water rose - a cabbie made a bad decision - & my back yard was a river!"

When the chickens come home to roost (& lay eggs!)

My account of the Silk Road -- with maps and pictures!

Cousins come to visit us in June 2011
Granddaughters Maggie (11) & Noah (12) from AZ plus Teagan (16 mo) from SE VA

Our 2010 Christmas Letter!

Mary & I are on You Tube talking about my (as yet unpublished) book (My Daughter Said She'd Burn This Book!) and our respective heritages. (Click on the first two links.)

On Oct. 23, 2010. our son earned his 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan karate. Congratulations Steve!

A new granddaughter - Teagan Elise Mark! (with pictures)

The Arizona Gang of Seven!














Faith Song



Christmas letter 2009

Bowlerama 2009-10

Thanksgiving baby: A new grandson!

Grandkid Tales - Latest (& I think one of the funniest) chapters from "My Daughter Said She'd Burn This Book" by L. David Mark.

2009 Summer    

August: Israel makes a movie
    of the grandkids
on his new phone!
     Visits with My Cousin Dani
Noah is published in Highlights
    July: We Go "Down the Cape!
        (Cod, that is)
My grand-nephew Andrew does
    July: The Grandkids in Michigan!
West Springfield Village 4th of July Parade     June: Steve & Jenny & Sarah Visit

Our March 2009 Arizona Trip

Our 2008 Christmas Letter

Pictures from summer 2008 on Imageshack!
(Note: Click on the small images to get larger pictures. In order, the 8 shots show: Me and Ootie (rhymes with "Cutie"); Faith Song at 10 months; Tal, 2 1/2; Yonah, 5; SarEl. 7; Noah, 9; Maggie, 8; the "beach group; and Grandpa & the Gang.)

        I'm published in The Post!!

(It's a chapter from "My Daughter Said She'd Burn This Book!"
referencing a toppled plant and
"The quite mischievous Yonah Nelson, 4.")

Christmas Letter 2007

Welome our new grandaughter, Faith Song Nelson

Our summer of 2007:
Grandkids Arrive Steve and Jenny's Wedding - 7/19/07
Beach Week with the gang!
Say "Hi" to "Ootie" Inquisitive (Curious?) Yonah

Christmas letter 2006

New Grandson!   ***   Christmas letter 2005  ***     Lookalikes?   

Information on animal health history

"Noah Meets the Sea (& Vice Versa)" -- a slide show (Ft. Lauderdale - 7/11/05)

"The Cat That Looked Back" -- a children's story.

Maggie's five!! (2/14/05)      ***      Our Christmas 2004 letter      ***      Latest pix from Israel - September 2004!

Cindy & Israel & kids come to visit - March 2004!!

Mardi Gras at Clydes - February 24, 2004

Vet lunch - 1/21/04    ***   Family tree info from my niece Susan Irby: Mark family - Luther family

Mark family gallery, late 2003 -- Click on a picture below for larger image *** Our Christmas '03 letter
Noah - age 5Maggie - 3 3/4SarEl - 2 1/2
with Israel
Yonah - 6 moIndians & Pilgrim
with Cindy
MarySteve & Suzildm at the
Air & Space Museum

A new grandson!! * Yonah at 10 days * And at 6 weeks

Happy Easter from Noah, Cindy & Maggie!

January 2003: Noah in a hat - "Raggety Ann" & Maggie Cindy in a hat - Noah goes to school

Our 2002 Christmas letter

Grandkids - November 2002! & Son.

Two views from Jerseyville: Nancy & John * Nancy & Mary

Our June 2002 trip to Tuscany -- ISU Alumni College in Chianti in a Tuscan Villa!

SarEl at 9 months!      And the girls of April '02: 1 - 2 - 3

Our former handsome Abyssinian
cat, Henry. Actually, he was
only half Abyssinian -- though
his mother was a purebred, his
father was what you might call
"a traveling man."

Winter 2002 --
      Florida & the Bahamas      Twelfth Night Party      Here's Maggie!

Our 2001 Christmas letter

July 27, 2001: It's a boy! Our new grandson!!

June 2001 digital pix:
      Noah in a chair       Cindy and the girls       Israel       Little bright eyes!

Three plus one in January 1988
Picture from the (way) past!

"Uncle" Jack & grandkids

December 2000 pictures!
      Birthday girl!       Fun in the tub!       Gingerbread house       Little Squinch No. 2

Report on Mary
Our Christmas 2000 letter

Singin' in the rain! and Grandpa and the girls!
September Faces and September Smiles

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