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APHIS Celebrates 40 Years!

May 16, 2012 - I guess my February reminder to folks that the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (that's APHIS) would be 40 years old on April 1 bore fruit, for the Agency put on a celebratory program on May 16 in conjunction with the Department's 150 anniversary.

First a little history is in order from yours truly (I was there and kept track): On Oct. 31, 1971 -- that's Halloween, by the way -- the regulatory programs of USDA's Agricultural Research Service were split off to form a new agency, the Animal and Plant Health Service (APHS) with Dr. Frank Mulhern named as Administrator. The following April 1 -- that's April Fools Day, if you hadn't noticed -- they put the "I" in APHIS by adding the Department's Meat and Poultry Inspection Service, so we were now the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Although meat and poultry inspection functions were moved to a separate agency in 1977, APHIS kept the "I" and its old acronym.

The 40th anniversary program was held at APHIS' headquarters in Riverdale, Md., and Mary and I attended, along with Sid and Diana Moore. Beside introductions and remarks by Dr. Greg Parham, the APHIS Administrator, the program included a panel discussion with five former Administrators and an 18-minute video recounting APHIS' major accomplishments over the past 40 years.

Some pictures below along with a tongue-in-cheek link.

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Sid, Mary & DianaMe, Sid & Mary Former Administrators (from left to right):
Terry Medley, Craig Reed, Bobby Accord,
Ron DeHaven & Cindy Smith

LOYAL EMPLOYEES CELEBRATE "APHIS DAY" (For a chuckle or two, a spoof press release I wrote some few years ago).

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