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Our Trip to Arizona: Feb. 26-Mar. 4, 2014

Welcome to Maricopa, AZ (about 15 miles south of Phoenix) where Cindy and Israel & their brood of nine children live. We had a nice visit to get reaquainted with our grand kids (and we missed one No. VA Monday snowstorm!). Pictures from the trip below.

Key to grand kid ages: Noah - 15; Maggie - 14; SarEl - 13 in July; Yonah - 11 in May; Tal - 8 in April; Faith Song - 6; Bo - 4; Derek - 2; Jewel Grace - 7 months.

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All of us! Front of their house (with Faith Song) The back yardDerek, Bo & YonahJust Derek
Front row: Bo & Tal
Next: SarEl, Faith Song,
Me & Maggie. Next:
Yonah & Mary. Back
row: Derek wi Cindy,
Noah, Israel wi Jewel.

More back yard picsPatio pictures
There's Bo!Derek & BoDerekFaith Song, Mary,
Derek, Jewel & Tal
Faith Song, Maggie,
Mary, Bo, Jewel & Tal
Faith Song, Mary, Bo, Cindy,
Jewel & Derek

Supper time!"Blonder Than Most"Cindy & DerekTal, Song & SarMaggie & Noah Derek & Maggie = Grins!

Shopping!SarEl, Yonah, Tal & MaggieFaith Song, Tal & SarEl DerekPlay RehearsalIsrael took the pic!
Cindy & Derek
(Jewel in the cart!)

Click here to see the
final version on YouTube

(Video by Israel)
Front: Yonah, Faith Song, Tal, Bo.
Back: Mary, Maggie wi Derek, SarEl, Noah wi Jewel, Me & Cindy

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