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Elektra Miran Mark

Born at 8:25 p.m. on February 12, 2013, she weighed about 7 pounds and was 19.7 inches long. Steve & Jenny report that she is doing fine.

(I will update above early photo with later pictures as soon as I get some -- stay tuned!) And here they are -- captions by Steve:

Elektra herself!Lookin' at you, lookin' at meBlissful sleep of the innocent

* * *

About the name: According to Steve, Elektra means "brightly shining" and Miran means "worthy of admiration."

(And when I Googled it, I found that Elektra is a common female name in Greece -- both now and in ancient times. The name comes from the ancient Greek word "ilektor" that meant the shining sun. In ancient Greece, the name refered primarily to the historical figure Elektra, youngest daughter of Agamemnoon, king of Mycenae and Clytemnestra. She was a Princess of Argos.

(She was the main character in two Greek tragedies entitled "Elektra" -- one by Sophocles and one by Euripides -- and has also inspired other works.

(Another source says the name is derived from "elektron," the Greek word for amber. Yet another says Elektra was the Okeanid Nymph wife of the sea god Thaumas, and the mother of Iris the Rainbow and the storm-wind Harpyiai (Harpies).

(But I think I'll go with the "Princess" concept!)

Some more recent pictures (2-3 weeks):

Sleeping BeautySisters!"Holdings" in Springfield

And still more (a little older) with her sister Teagan . . . .

And still older . . . .

Another red head!Asleep againTeagan & ElektraSmiles!

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