Merry Christmas!                                                                                                     December 2010

Well, obviously the high point of our year was the Feb. 17 birth of Teagan Elise Mark, daughter of our son
Steve & his wife Jenny.

Now, I think she's cute as a button & here are a couple of pictures (ages 4 & 8
months) to prove it! (Went down to Poquoson, Va., in June for her Christening.)
Plus the "Gang of Seven" from my daughter in Arizona. And congratulations to
son Steve on earning a third-degree black belt in Shotokan karate!

Other than Teagan, 2010 was the "Year of the Mouth" for me. On Sunday,
March 21 (Oh fateful day!), I bit down on a quarter-inch slice of sopressata on
top of a triscuit -- & suddenly found myself with a sore & loose front tooth!
Appointment with the dentist on Monday. Bad news: Tooth cracked, has to
come out. Decided on implant, resulting in six trips to various dentists
stretching from April to November.

That was a very expensive piece of sopressata!! The other "mouth" incident involved "MOHS surgery"
abutting my lip in June to remove a basal cell skin cancer. Successful.

In mid-march we helped Mary celebrate a milestone birthday with surprise guests including a sister &
niece from Mass., a sister from Pa, and daughter Cindy (plus Maggie,10, & Bo, 3 mo.) from Ariz.

Went to a restaurant that advertised its dishes as "almost hand prepared." They were . . . almost tasty.

Thing are bad everywhere! Now I hear they're going to turn off the light at the end of the tunnel!

This year's license plates (a good crop): JSTU&ME; H8W8ING; STRGZR; 4THBRDS; LIVLFLV; RNGO
GRL (a mini Cooper); L8DBUG (60's VW); PLTNM QT; MJAMIN; 4MYSWTE; T-AMO-U; 2EDUK8;

Mary continues to volunteer at ECHO (Ecemunical Community Helping Others) & my garden again did
well. I'm still League Director for the Springfield Youth Club's U-19 girls' age group (season 42 this past
fall!) and am pleased to report that an SYC team has won the championship trophy in our league for the
past five seasons!

Some sad news: Mary's brother Tony ("Chappie") Mastromarino passed away, as did daughter-in-law
Jenny's father, John Dothard.

We've been involved with the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW),
which offers various programs for seniors (like Tai Chi, line dancing, yoga, etc.) at sites located at
churches, community centers, etc. Three Tai Chi classes so far for us.

Mary is concerned about too much "clutter" in the house. I worry that we might throw something away
that might be useful sometime down the road. Other than that, it's a pretty harmonious household . . .

With that, best wishes for the new year! - Larry & Mary (More at my web site: