Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year --                                                                     December 2015

Well, lets get it over with -- namely, health report. For me, pretty good, except for two things: (1) A continuing battle with PAD & (2) a broken neck after a fall in July that doesn't seem to want to heal completely, resulting in wearing a collar for 5 going on 6 months (actually it almost isn't that uncomfortable -- note the "almost").

Here's a "collar " story: O.k., you can't take the collar off. And you can't get a haircut with the collar on. So - last haircut in June sometime. Hair grows. So it's now November & we're in the Giant parking lot loading our groceries from the cart into the trunk of the car. My back is to the the street; Mary is facing the street. A friendly guy comes up behind us & says, "Can I help you ladies?" (I thought Mary would never quit laughing!)

When Steve & Jenny & the little girls visited in June, Mary was going up the stairs one at a time (as is her wont) with Teagan & she told her, "I don't move as fast as I used to." Whereupon Teagan replied, "Well, you're not as slow as Grandpa." So, lets take a pictoral look backwards at "The Choice Grandchild Pictures of the Last Two Decades."

Noah, our firstNow, a "glam shot"Birthday boy Bo (6)A smiling TeaganHi! It's me, SarEl "Princess" Jewel (2)Here's Elektra!
Maggie: Our budding artist - Her horse takes First Place at 2015 AZ State Fair"Selfie" by Teagan Clever Yonah (12)Handsome Tal (9)

The Nelson tribe at the April costume birthday party for Tal (red kerchief)"Derek's marvelous smile" Steve & Jenny plua Andrew & Sarah; Teagan & Elektra
The photographer "Mom"Phone home Elektra"Blonder than most"Mag & NoahFaith Song (8) "That's all folks!"
Can you believe
it all started
with the two of us?