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Ode to Hillary

On Friday, February 1, 2013, Al Kamen's "In The Loop" column in the Washington Post noted that Hillary Clinton, on her retirement as Secretary of State, planned to write a memoir. He then asked readers to send in their book-title suggestions "to make her work just a little easier . . . " The five winning titles would get a Loop T-shirt.

This kindof intrigued me, so I set to work coming up with a winning title. Enroute, however, I got distracted & instead I came up with this little poem or ditty (keep in mind Hillary's proclivity for pantsuits). Granted, I won't get high marks for format originality, but here goes:

Hillary, dillary, dance,
A mouse ran up her pants.
     She jumped a mile,
     But kept her smile,
Hillary, dillary, dance.

As a side or end note, many, many years ago on our farm near Coucil Bluffs, Iowa, we were shelling corn. And my (easily excitable) Aunt DeeDee (wearing slacks) was visiting. During the shelling, she wandered out to the area of activity. Now keep in mind that a lot of mice live in a corn crib. And when the corn is shelled, they have nowhere to go. So they were, as they say, "about."

And sure enough, one mouse ran up my Aunt DeeDee's pantleg. Needless to say, she peed in her pants. (We would hope Hillary would have more control in such a situation.) - ldm

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