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Did you ever notice:

Is our very nature -- how we think and act -- innate/inborn? Or is it nurtured/shaped/condioned by our mothers? (Very thought-provoking!)

Most good poops end with a burst of gas!

In Iowa, we ate "supper" -- here in Virginia it's "dinner." Where are you from?

Must a titillating magazine show naked breasts?

Seni-profound: Why are women so obsessed with how they look? Well, I think that from birth their main claim to fame or popularity is, first of all, based on their appearance. (Cute, sexy, beautiful vs the not mentioned plain. ugly or huh?)

Hey, it's my opinion; I'm entitled!

On writing: As a published author, I can say no more than "it's so very satisfying."

"Pregnancy is merely an uncomfortable bump with a favorable outcome."

You know you've reached old age when dual purpose becomes single use.

Pariotism beats masochism.

I was a patriot before I became a Redskins fan.

The Web & html: Another language that's a pure delight! It provides instant change gratification.

Do your thoughts race through your head or seep though your brain?

I reiterate -- and then take it all back. Mistake, mistake!

I don't understand "memes."

Question: Gay "marriage"? Answer: No such thing. Not even the Supreme Court can redefine words ad hoc. "Marriage" (acording to my Webster) is defined as the official union of a man and a woman. Gay "unions" or whatever that are officially recognized are fine & those couples are entitled to all the appopriate rights and benefits of married couples. But just don't call it "marriage" -- that word is taken.

You can carry on a pretty intelligent conversation without using the "f" word once.

It's getting so you can't even give a gal a friendly pat on the rear but what somebody hollers "sexual harrassment!"

I just found a new word: "Xerescaping." It's a style of landscaping for arid regions that require little or no irrigation. You will probably never use this word; I know I won't.

Women are women and men are men -- and never the two shall change. So much for this transgender nonsense . . . .

Quite profound: From the seed to the spore to the sperm and the egg. Procreation -- the desire to create/prolong life -- is the core of this earth we live upon.

Labels are useful (but can also be hateful).

Language -- the most under-rated thing on earth.

"Sleep is a time between now and breakfast. - D. Daily

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