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Vagrant thoughts for when you're "not that young any more!"

1) When growing up, bodily excretory functions were of little or no concern. As we age, we become obsessed with them.

2) Live and let live; but don't pee or poop with biological members of the opposite sex.

3) When you find a moment that delights you -- whether it be a sunny day, an unexpected smile or a tender morsel -- bask in it & enjoy!

4) Don't eat more than your stomach can hold (unless it's really, really good).

5) We can't appreciate sleep till we can't get enough.

6) Pregnancy is merely an uncomfortable bump with a favorable outcome.

7) When your mother dies, you are truly alone.

8) Growing up on a dairy farm, you realize that milk is not come by easily.

9) Old age for a man: You're not really there until dual purpose becomes single use.

10) I was a Patriot until I started rooting for the Redskins.

11) Growing up on a farm is lonely, but nonetheless quite satisfying.

12) The Web & html: Another language with instant gratification. A pure delight!

13) As a recently published author, I can say no more than "it is so very satisfying!"

14) Get my book! Go to Amazon.com & enter my title: "My Daughter Said She'd Burn This Book!" - Enjoy!

15) In Iowa where I grew up, we ate "supper." Here in Virginia, it's "dinner." Where are you from?

16) Do you still hit the golf ball as erratically as when you were younger?

17) Are your grand kids cuter, smarter and more talented than those of most everybody else? (Mine are.)

18) Ponder the imponderable: What do cats have instead of a conscience?

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19) Don't you wish? I sure do!

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