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When the Chickens Come Home to Roost (& Lay Eggs!)

This spring (2011), our son Steve & wife Jenny decided to get some chickens so they could have their own fresh eggs. After getting a permit to raise a few hens in their back yard, they ordered six Rhode Island Red chicks to be sent by mail. The first shipment was a disaster: Someone at the Post Office had put tape over all the air holes in the shipping box! But the next group arrived ok & Steve & Jenny are now in the poultry business. Below, the story in pictures!

March: Six chicks arrive!The feline family members were very interested, nay
"cat curious" (here possibly thinking "lunch or dinner?")
July 20: The first egg!First egg fried! July 22: Fourth egg --
a double yolk!

Andrew and friendsPullets all! Aug. 10: Tiniest egg ever!
(see Jenny's note below)
Those intrepid egg entrepeneurs
(one seems to have nodded off!)

Jenny writes: "After a banner day yesterday where we got four eggs total and two of them had double yolks, today we found the tiniest egg ever. It's probably from one of the newest layers, either Lolita or Foxtrot. We think the other layers so far are Peggy, Patty, Sasquatch, and Alpharetta (the chicken that seems to want to be the 'alpha female' and does a lot of pecking when everyone is together)."