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Visits with My Cousin Dani

I first met my cousin Dani in 1994 at a Mark family reunion in Council Bluffs, Iowa, as part of a vacation that took us to Estes Park, Colorado, and through the Rocky Mountain National Park (and a side trip to Lake Okiboji in Iowa when my Aunt DeeDee conned us into driving her up there!). Dani lives in Medford, Oregon, and is a daughter of my Dad's younger brother Carl, who packed up his wife and kids and traveled west in the midst of the drouth and depression of the 30's.

My cousin Dani visited us a year or so ago when she was on the East Coast visiting her daughter Reann in Winchester, Virginia. This past March (2009) she and her son Russell (who lives in Frederick, Maryland) visted us and in August Mary and I went to Frederick to visit Dani and her daughter-in-law Xiujie and new grandaughter Eve Jenna. Below, a few pictures.

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March: Larry, Dani & Russ August: Dani Xiujie & 23-day-old
Eve Jenna

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