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"Uncle" Jack & "Aunt" Helen & grandkids

(Actually cousins of some degree as they were my Mom's 1st cousins - this picture dates from about 2001)

These are J.R.'s and Glenda's family (Jack & Helen's son). The story of the "J's"

Back row: Jason (23) - Graduated from University of Northern Arizona in Hotel Management. Did intern work at Marriotts at Hilton Head, SC, for 3 1/2 months. Is in the Netherlands for 5 weeks right now for additional training. John (29) - Graduated from Grand Canyon University. Married, two children, Cole and Emily (4 and 5). Works for a pharmaceutical company. Lives in East Valley, AZ. Jill (26) - Going to college, majoring in business management. Works for Ryland Construction as a computer consultant. Married to Jason Tinsley.

Front row: Jeffrey (17, going on 25) - Graduates in December from high school. Is a budding thespian -- sings and dances. Has a contract with Holland Cruise Lines as an entertainer for 6 months when he is 18. Will then go to college. Jack and I: You know all the stuff about us. Jeremy (21) - Will graduate from University of Northern Arizona in May. His major is also Hotel Management. Is in summer school. Works as a waiter at the Outback for dough this summer.

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