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Well, obviously the highlight of our year was our trip to Israel, accompanied by son Steve, to see the grandkids (and Cindy and Israel)!! We visited them in Tiberias and took side trips to Nazareth Village (built as in the time of Christ) and Caesarea (where we swam in the Mediterranean Sea). Steve took some other side trips to the Dead Sea & other places Mary & I had seen before. We ended up with a visit to Jerusalem to catch an early morning flight to Athens for a couple of days and then went on a brief cruise of the Greek Isles to cap the trip.

Other travel included a quick trip in July between hurricanes to Florida to visit with son-in-law Israel and granddaughter Noah, who were visiting his folks. Sadly, Israel's mother passed away about a week later at the age of 53. We also got up to Massachusetts in August to visit relatives and spend a brief time "down the Cape."

Not much new from last year: Garden, soccer league director (our U-19 girls all stars were champs in spring tourney; U-16's won in fall!), Mary some volunteer work. Still putting up pix & stuff on my web site (

Words you don't want to hear: Before their car went kaput, my son-in-law's mechanic told him, "You're my best customer!"

License plates of note: 4 SUN N (Corvette conv.); 4D BRDZ; PS IGO4U; SUBURBN (it was); RED CRDN (a soccer ref); GRR8KDZ; H8 SHOES; ME&PGLT; LEX BHPY; KP SMLN; 10ACITY.

We all know "money talks." Unfortunately, too often its favorite word is "Goodbye!" It's a matter of supply and demand - that's why talk is so cheap!! My advice to those of our age: If you've got something to do, do it now. Because if you wait, by the time you're ready to do it, you'll have forgotten what it was you wanted to do!!

This next bit could be entitled either "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hershey" or "My Underwear Drawer Runneth Over." We drove up to Hershey, Pennsylvania, for the Nov. 3-9 U.S. Animal Health Association annual meeting, where I handle press and news release duties. I had put a bunch of Mary's clothes on hangers along with my suits & shirts in the back seat of the car. Briefcase in the trunk & the tote bag, the cooler with cheese & a Trader's Joe paper bag with peanuts and crackers on the floor of the back seat. The 3-hour trip to Hershey was uneventful. Got our room assignments & drove around to where the room was. And as I got out of the car, it suddenly hit me! I had left our fully packed suitcase sitting on the bed in Steve's old room!!

Sinking, sinking feeling! What to do? Well, after unpacking, we headed to the outlet mall & K-Mart & bought some jerseys & the needed underwear & socks. And made out ok. But it was an experience not to be forgotten!!!

Finally, I must be either politically right or left because everybody tells me I'm definitely off-center! Again, Merry Christmas & have a great holiday season - Mary & Larry.