December 2006

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Travel this past year included a trip in March to Fatima, Lourdes and Paris (where Mary celebrated her birthday!). We both took the baths at Lourdes; uplifting -- and very cold!! In July, we joined my sister Jane and husband Gordon plus assorted friends and relatives to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at our niece Susan's house just north of Atlanta.

Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.

Two family losses: In mid-October, Mary's sister's husband Stanley died, just short of his 90th birthday. More recently, on Dec. 4, Mary's oldest brother John passed away at age 86 in a nursing home. He had been suffering from Alzheimers (a horrible disease).

Sometime during this past year, I came up with what I thought is a very profound thought: "Our lives are measured in rolls of toilet paper." The only problem is that I'm not quite sure of its profundity/meaning. So far, the best I've come up with is that we never think we're going to run out; there's always a spare roll somewhere fairly close. If you've got a better explanation, let me know by next Christmas!

Other than that, life seems to go on. Garden, soccer, Echo volunteer for Mary every other Friday, church on Sunday; I cook, Mary cleans -- it works out pretty good. You know you're getting older when you can't run the 50-yard dash as fast as you used to not run the 100-yard dash.

Well, speaking of life going on, our third grandson & fifth grandchild (that makes it a handful!) from daughter Cindy, who is still living in Tiberias, Israel, made his arrival on April 21. Tal Hashamayan ("dew of heaven" in Hebrew) checked in and is doing fine (tho I don't know where she gets these names!).

Tal's the little guy in front, surrounded by (left to right) Maggy (soon to be 7), SarEl (5), Noah (8) & Yonah (3 1/2). (Click on image for bigger picture.) Our engineer son Steve remains in Columbus working in research and development on automotive safety issues for Honda.

License plates of note for the year: I I SIR; GATA GO; CRY BBY; BM MEUP; 4TRSS; JSTNTIM; H8NUNC; Y ME LRD; FLL CRCL; URLOVED; OFF2OZ; 4MY1DOG; MS FOXY1; LV2SO; Y XWHY; BHPY2BU &, finally, TIVO IT.

Did you hear about the guy who graduated with a double major in art and logic? He wanted to draw his own conclusions! And does your wife/husband bug you all the time? Maybe she/he is a "multi-tsker!"

With that, we'll wish you joy, health and happiness for the coming year.

Mary & Larry

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