December 1998

Merry Christmas!

(Our "Web-ized" Christmas letter with clickable links to pictures.)

Happy Holidays!

Well, the challenge this year is to get through this letter without using the "M" word -- even once! And, come to think of it, that must also mean the "C" word, the "I" word, the partisan "S" word, the "B" word -- and on & on.

As for us, this year was pretty calm compared to the hectic pace of 1997 (China, wedding, retirement). My one-year retirement anniversary found Mary & I heading for Minneapolis, where I handled press & info duties for the U.S. Animal Health Association. I'm also their Webmaster (, which along with a garden and continuing League Director duties with the local youth club's high school girls soccer group keeps me off the streets. (Speaking of our soccer league, we took two firsts and a third in the spring all star tourney, but unfortunately did not fare quite as well in the ones this fall. But still not too shabby!)

Our big news came last March 20 on daughter Cindy & new son-in-law Israel's six-month anniversary when they phoned us from Tiberias, Israel, where they are living, to inform us that we were going to be grandparents! About Christmas time -- so we are anxiously waiting (Note: Wait rewarded -- see below).

Remember, you heard it here (& probably some other places as well, but I'll take the credit): The Web will change the way we live. Wait five years (let's see, that'd be 2003) & then think back to 1998. It's going to have as much--or more--impact than TV did back in the 50's. Except it will happen faster!

I'd say something about our Redskins, except it wouldn't be appropriate in a family Christmas letter (this comment was written earlier--of late, there's almost hope!).

License plates of '98 note: NET WZRD; SML HNTR (how about SNL H8TR?); BUG 4EVR (an old VW beetle); (and Mary saw this one driven by a young lady in a '98 VW) MY NU BUG; YEAH GOD; OL3PUTT (think he was a golfer?); WER LATE (WERE L8 would be better); OKTUQT (I prefer OK2UQT) (at the garden: I asked if it were the plate of her or her husband--she pointed to herself); & NSTOPBL (a Toyota "fast car"--per Steve).

Predictions: The upcoming best seller "Below the Beltway" by you-know-who (title thanks to the "fatuous" Rush).

As mentioned, our year was fairly calm. Mary does some volunteer work & I keep busy as noted above plus my own home page (, which I try to keep lively. We did vacation in July for a week at Cape Cod & another week in New Hampshire & were able to see a number of Mary's family. This past September visited Williamsburg with Mary's sister Lucy & husband Bill. And, we managed to get out to Columbus, Ohio, at Easter time & again at Thanksgiving to visit son Steve, who is still with Honda doing R&D engineering work.

And a couple of "ponderables" for you: Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime? And, finally, have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

So from the two of us & our ubiquitous in-and-out cat Henry, the best of holiday cheer and wishes for a happy and prosperous 1999!! (And don't let the Y2K bug bite!)

Mary & Larry

P.S. Our e-mail is -- so drop us a line if you're on-line!

"FLASH!! On Monday, Dec. 14, at about 9 a.m. Tiberias time, Cindy gave birth to a 5 lb., 13.3 oz. baby girl!! Mother & daughter doing fine. Little girl's name is "Noah NerYah Nelson." Details on the Web -- go to my home page (address above) & click on "It's a Girl!"

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