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It's Another Girl!

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What a Valentine!

On Monday, February 14, 2000, about 5:15 a.m. in Tiberias, Israel, our second granddaughter was born! Son-in-law Israel called us a few minutes later (it was just about 10:30 p.m. our time & we were in bed) to surprise us with the news. (Cindy had told us she was due in April -- though the midwife had said March! -- & I guess she was about 3 weeks early.)

It was a short (3-hour) labor -- midwife showed up just in time to tie the cord after Israel had helped with the delivery -- in contrast to the five days with Noah. (I said, "I guess it averages out!")

Cindy & little Mary Margaret Nelson (characterized as "small") doing fine!

The Stats

Little Maggie (?!?) weighed 2.4 kilos -- i.e., about 5 pounds 5 ounces -- and was 17 and 1/2 inches long.

Cindy called on Monday, Feb. 14, & said things are going o.k. Midwife said to nurse baby often because she is little. We called on Thursday, Feb. 17, & everything is going well.

More news as it becomes available. Pictures soon????

The Details from Cindy

From: Israel & Cindy
Subject: Belated Valentine Greeting:)
Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 10:00 AM

ANNOUNCING...The birth of a very special Valentine: Mary Margaret Nelson at 5:15 am on February 14, 2000. We call her Maggie and she is SOOOOOOOO delightful!!! :) She weighed 2.4 kilos (about 5 lbs. something -- why don't they teach the metric system in America???) and was 17.5 inches long -- a wee little thing:). She is named after my mother, also Mary Margaret. My great aunt is also called Margaret and Israel's grandmother's name is Mary as well.

Point of Interest: We have two holiday babies (Hannukah and Valentine's Day), both born on the 14th day of the month.

For those of you who were surprised/shocked/amazed, here is the explanation: I thought I was due April 7. The midwife said she thought the baby was bigger than that and that I was due March 7. So, when people asked, When are you due? I was saying April for a while and then when I felt like I was carrying a baby elephant I was saying March. In my mind I figured, "end of March" because this was a happy medium, but there was no logic in it whatsoever. In the end: yes, I was due March 7 and was 3 weeks early (Noah was also 3 weeks early, but she took a week coming out, so was only 2 weeks early in the end (and weighed in at 2.5 kilos)).

Statement to dispel rumors: Maggie was not premature. Her lungs were fully functional. She is fully developed in every way and wonderfully healthy. Praise the Lord for Maggie's health and wellness. There are no effects from my exposure to rubella during the pregnancy. Thank You, Jesus!

Glory to God for the speedy delivery of Mary Margaret! I had been having those Braxton-Hicks contractions for a few days off and on, but they say this can go on for 2 months or more before delivery, so I was holding back the excitement. (The first pregancy is exciting and new, but the subsequent ones can try one's patience). At 2:30 in the morning, I started having contractions. My intellect said, No way. My instinct said, This is it. I told Israel. He didn't say anything. I asked if he heard me and repeated myself. He sat up and began to pray. Now, we weren't sure about the due date either, and had been praying against a premature birth for quite a while and here we were either 3 or 7 weeks early (big difference). And the contractions were strong.

I had been reading in Jeremiah, and over and over they use the analogy of a woman in labor: "Fear has seized her. Anguish and sorrows have taken her like a woman in labor." Honestly, I never understood it, because most women are eager for labor to begin and can't wait to "get that baby out of there!" I, myself, was quite ready to give birth and had been for some time. But when these contractions started, I was blown away. All courage left me and I was full of fear. It wasn't like I remembered at all and all I could think was "FIVE DAYS!!!" And my midwife was out of the country again, not due back for another few days (de ja vu).

We called for prayer and there was immediate release and I was able to relax and the fear left. Praise the Lord! He is so faithful! It seemed like only a half hour later that I felt the urge to push. Now, everybody tells you that you shouldn't push too soon because it can swell things up and keep the baby from coming out at all (layman's terms). Plus, it was way too soon. I hadn't been in labor for more than 2 hours. My intellect said, No way. My instinct said, This is it.

I told Israel to call another midwife. We wanted to be polite and wait until morning, but things were moving too fast. She said she could be there in 10 minutes, but she didn't know where we lived. (There are no street names or house numbers so to give directions you have to use landmarks and it was night and it wouldn't do to have her wandering around looking for our house.) So, the baby is coming out any minute and I hear my husband saying he will meet her in front of the market in 10 minutes! Hysterics is a good word to describe my reaction. Needless to say, Israel's father met her instead. But it was too late.

Statement to dispel rumors: Yes, Israel did deliver the baby.

Israel hung up the phone and prayed that God would keep the baby from coming until the midwife arrived, but I said, NO! Let it come now! And so it did. Israel was calm, cool and collected -- a wonderful midhusband! He turned the head at the right moment, prevented tearing, cleaned the nose and presented little Maggie to me like a pro. Then he ran to answer the door that we forgot had been locked for the night. What a blessing to have the midwife come in time to cut the cord, assure us that everything was fine, etc., etc. It was a very special delivery and above all QUICK! Hallelujah! And we truly had peace throughout this wonderful experience (except when I thought Israel was leaving me to give birth alone) and knew that God was present in a very real way -- we were not alone. In fact, one of the Scripture verses that I received for this birth was from Daniel 6:16: "Your God whom you constantly serve will Himself deliver you." It is not called a "delivery" for nothing!

To celebrate, Israel bought me a glider rocking chair -- a new mother's delight! Please rejoice with us in a chorus of praise for our new little girl. We are working on getting pictures scanned and will email them upon request.

Love, Cindy for Israel, Noah, and Maggie Nelson:)
P.S. - Statement to dispel rumors: It is true that we have an NN child and now an MM child, but it is not on purpose. We didn't plan it that way nor do we expect that all our children will have initials of the same letter. But it IS kind of neat:)


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