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Our Mideast Trip -- March 1999

Egypt--March 12-21: The Pyramids & the Sphinx

Above: Peggy Lee sang it: "See the pyramids across the Nile . . . " Nowadays, you can't; there are too
many buildings in the way. But this is a nice tropical view.
Above, left: Built about 2500 BC, the great pyramid of Khufu or Cheops (the one in the center) is 479 feet
tall; its base covers 13 acres! Above, right: Mary & her new friend, who loaned her a turban & camel whip
(for a buck, as it turned out).

Above: The Sphinx & his inscrutable stare.Right: This gives you an idea of the size of the rocks used in building the pyramids.
Mary & Irene at the Great Pyramid.

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