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Our Mideast Trip -- March 1999

Egypt--March 12-21: Ancient Temples, Part I -- Karnak

Above left: The sacred lake at the innermost part of the Temple of Karnak at Luxor. Above right: Mary with the line of sphinxes at the entrance to the temple.
Above: Some of the huge pillars at the Temple of Karnak, begun about 2000 BC & mostly finished some 700 years later under the Pharoah Seti I. The massive pillars stand almost 140 feet high.
Above, left: Mary is dwarfed by the gigantic statues and, (below left) if it hadn't been damaged, I would be even more so! Above, right: Mary with one of the obelisks at the Temple of Karnak. Below, right: Another of the colossal statues at the Temple of Karnak (note tourist in background at lower left).
Above, left: A row of sphinxes inside the Temple of Karnak; note size of a visiting tourist. Above, right: Another row of enormous statues inside this 3000-year-old temple.

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