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Our Mideast Trip -- March 1999

Israel -- Tiberias, Zefat & Jerusalem: March 7-12

Right: Taking a stroll with our granddaughter Noah (above) in Tiberias. Noah's house is one street down (to the east) with a similar view over the Sea of Galilee looking toward the Golan.

Left: Cindy & Mary in front of Cindy's house. Above: I pick fruit from the lemon tree in Cindy & Israel's front yard.
Below: Grandma & grandpa get a chance to hold the baby. Right: Israel, Cindy & Noah check another little dress as the Marks arrived "loaded for baby!"
Left: We check out the ancient city of Zefat (or S'fat) just a few kilometers northwest of Tiberias. Right: Larry & Israel in Jerusalem. Below: A sleeping "Sweetie."

Above: Israel & Sweetie at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Right: Typical street scene in the "Old City." This one happened to be in the Muslim Quarter.

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