SYC Senior Girls Soccer - Spring 1998

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Updated June 21, 1998 - 10:00 p.m.

SYC U-19 Girls Teams Take
Two Firsts & a Third at FPYC Tourney

The three Springfield Youth Club under-19 girls all star teams entered in the Fairfax Policy Youth Club's annual Father's Day All-Star Tourney took championship honors in the Gold Division and championship and third-place medals in the Blue Division.

"Springfield Red" -- coached by Sandy Cranston and Frank Enos -- won the "D Flight" in the Gold Division with 8-0 & 7-0 wins and a 2-2 tie and then went on to defeat FPYC-Garrison, the "C Flight" winner, 3-0 in the championship match. Scoring in the final for Springfield were Erin Zoller (2) and Ashley Enos, while Amy Cranston had two assists and Jen Austin one.

"Springfield White" -- coached by Jim Miller, Charlie Buettner and Bonnie O'Neill -- won the "B Flight" in the Blue Division with victories of 3-0, 2-1 and 1-0 and then defeated Reston 2-0 for the Blue Division championship on second-half scores by Kelly O'Neill and Suzanne Lamoureux. Assists went to Nicole Voisine, Lucy Matos and Becky Costello.

"Springfield Blue" -- coached by Corey Adkins and Spencer Orme -- ended up in second place in the Blue Division with wins of 3-0, 1-0 (a thriller with a goal in the last 20 seconds) and a 1-1 tie. In the consolation match, they took third place by defeating Little River Soccer Club-McCormick 2-1 on goals by Jeannie Mahoney and Kelly Brady. Assists went to Latrice Adkins, Jackie Sherman and Kellie Tomasetti.

The Tourney

Fairfax Police Youth Club (FPYC)
Father's Day Weekend Tourney
June 20-21

Schedule/Results for Under 19 Girls
All games played at Poplar Tree Park

Blue Division
Gold Division
A FlightB Flight
C FlightD Flight
1. FPYC-Perry
7. LRSC-McCormick

13. FPYC-Garrison
17. Vienna (2-1)
2. Chantilly 1
8. Burke

14. PWSI-O'Tero
18. Southwestern 1
3. Southwestern 2
9. Chantilly 3

15. Southwestern 3
19. Spgfld Red-Cranston
4. Reston
10. PWSI- Pittman

16. LRSC-Yard
20. Stafford
5. Herndon
11. FPYC-May

6. Spgfld Blue-Orme
12. Spgfld White-Miller

* = 1st place in Flight
** = 2nd place in Flight

Game Schedule

Saturday, June 20
TimeField 1Field 2Field 3

TeamsResultsTeams ResultsTeamsResults
8:00 a.m.5 v 60-31 v 25-09 v 101-3
9:15 a.m.13 v 145-015 v 162-011 v 120-3
10:30 a.m.3 v 40-27 v 85-019 v 208-0
11:45 a.m.

17 v 183-0
1:00 p.m.2 v 52-412 v 92-114 v 150-0
2:15 p.m.10 v 70-46 v 31-04 v 11-0
3:30 p.m.16 v 132-319 v 187-011 v 84-0
4:45 p.m.

20 v 171-3

Sunday, June 21
TimeField 1Field 2Field 3

TeamsResultsTeams ResultsTeamsResults
8:00 a.m.3 v 20-017 v 192-218 v 201-2
9:15 a.m.11 v 102-114 v 160-113 v 151-1
10:30 a.m.1 v 61-17 v 120-18 v 90-2
11:45 a.m.

4 v 54-0

Gold Championship - 2:00 p.m. -- 1st place C Flight v 1st place D Flight - Field 1

13. FPYC-Garrison v 19. Spgfld Red-Cranston (0 - 3)

Blue Consolation - 3:30 p.m. -- 2nd place A Flight v 2nd place B Flight - Field 1

6. Spgfld Blue-Orme v 7. LRSC-McCormick (2 - 1)

Blue Championship - 5:00 p.m. -- 1st place A Flight v 1st place B Flight - Field 1

4. Reston v 6. Spgfld White-Miller (0 - 2)

The Teams

Red TeamWhite TeamBlue Team
Sandy Cranston
Frank Enos
Jim Miller
Charlie Buettner
Corey Adkins
Spencer Orme
3Jen Austin1115Halima Abdulla0210Latrice Adkins33
11Irene Coons0517Lindsay Berkowitz5413Bettina Barrett21
8Amy Cranston3416Beth Buettner43

6Sherrie Cranston8122Becky Costello007Kelly Brady73

13Katie Cowan023Chandra Cooks10
14Ashley Enos7510Amber Dodson009Jessica Curtin23
2Becky Meadows50 6Mikell Frey206Christina Graven01
GKristin Morris1112Katie Johnson0021Julia Graven52
10Tiffany Morris1218Suzanne Lamoureux7518Karen Hamm02
13Carrie Parisi723Andrea March004Vanessa Leger00
21Laura Roberts0211Lucy Matos1112Jeannie Mahoney42
12Donika Salihi107Kelley Miller0017Ginger Martin00
18Karoline Sciarretta204Betsy Murphy00
Caitlin Roche41
9Katie Styer128Sarah Bell202Rebecca Schram10
16Katie Sullivan3114Kelly O'Neill338Jackie Sherman23
15Shirley Vinett005Laura Sugden2016Kim Thompson113
17Robin Washington109Nicole Voisine4411Kellie Tomasetti21
5Erin Zoller1019Rachel Wojcicki0014Sara Waller20
Totals4237Totals 3124Totals4727

Games are at Poplar Tree Park, which is off Stringfellow Road (Rte 645) between Rte 29 and Rte 50. Go north on the Fairfax County Parkway to Lee Highway (Rte 29); then go west on Lee Highway for about 1 3/4 miles; then turn right on to Stringfellow Road for about 1 1/2 miles. Poplar Tree Park is on the left. (Directions will be updated if FYPC has more details.)

Click here for map.



8 a.m Adkins/Orme vs Herndon (3-0)

9:00 - Kim Thompson from Kelly Brady from Latrice Adkins
21:00 - Jessie Curtin
29:00 - Kim Thompson from Jeanie Mahoney from Kelly Brady

9:15 a.m Miller/Buettner vs FPYC (3-))

20:00 - Kelly Miller off corner kick by Lindsay Berkowitz & touch by Katie Cowan

8:50 - Becky Costello from Lindsay Berkowitz
22:09 - Nicole Voisine from Suzanne Lamoureux corner kick

10:30 a.m. Cranston/Enos vs Stafford (8-0)

9:10 Carrie Parisi from Amy Cranston from Ashley Enos from Jen Austin
15:49 Katie Styer from Sherrie Cranston
18:32 Becky Meadows from Donika Salihi
29:43 Carrie Parisi from Karoline Sciarretta

1:02 Amy Cranston from Irene Coons
7:51 Kristin Morris from Sherrie Cranston
22:20 Katie Styer from Ashley Enos from Jen Austin
29:45 Donika Salihi

1:00 p.m. Miller/Buettner vs Chantilly (2-1)

7:52 Nicole Voisine from Beth Buettner
24:40 Kelly O'Neill from Nicole Voisine

18:13 Chantilly scored

2:15 p.m. Adkins/Orme vs Southwestern 2 (1-0)

2nd half
29:40 Jeannie Mahoney off opponents' goal kick

3:30 p.m. Cranston/Enos vs Southwestern 1 (7-0)

2:41 Ashley Enos from Shirley Vinett
6:11 Sherrie Cranston
8:02 Carrie Parisi from Amy Cranston from Karoline Sciarretta

9:30 Sherrie Cranston from Ashley Enos
12:41 Ashley Enos from Karoline Sciarretta from Amy Cranston from Sherrie Cranston
20:48 Irene Coons from Karoline Sciarretta
27:22 Karoline Sciarretta from Irene Coons


8:00 a.m. Cranston/Enos vs Vienna (2-2)

5:05 Sherrie Cranston penalty kick (hands in box)
17:42 Becky Meadows from Donika Salihi
20:32 Them
2nd half
21:57 Them

10:30 a.m. Adkins/Orme vs FPYC-Perry (1-1)

4:49 Them
2nd half
22:18 Kim Thompson touched over keeper

10:30 a.m. Miller/Buettner vs LRSC-McCormick (1-0)

20:28 Kelly Miller from Kelly O'Neill

2 p.m. Championship Gold Division: Cranston vs FPYC-Garrison (3-0)

2nd half
1:03 Erin Zoller from Amy Cranston
7:26 Erin Zoller from Amy Cranston
24:19 Ashley Enos from Jen Austin

3:30 p.m. Blue Consolation: Adkins/Orme vs LRSC-McCormick (2-1)

20:00 Jeannie Mahoney from Latrice Adkins
2nd half
10:00 Kelly Brady from Jackie Sherman from Kellie Tomasetti
20:00 Them

5 p.m. Blue Championship: Miller/Buettner vs Reston (2-0)

2nd half
2:56 Kelly O'Neill from Nicole Voisine from clearing kick by Lucy Matos
18:44 Suzanne Lamoureux breakaway off of clearing kick by Becky Costello

Individual All Star Scoring Summary

TeamNameGoals AssistsPoints
Red Sherrie Cranston339
Red Ashley Enos339
Red Amy Cranston157
Red Carrie Parisi306
Red Kari Sciarretta146
Blue Kim Thompson306
White Nicole Voisine226
Blue Jeannie Mahoney215
White Kelly O'Neill215
Blue Kelly Brady124
Red Irene Coons124
Red Becky Meadows204
White Kelly Miller204
Red Donika Salihi124
Red Katie Styer204
Red Erin Zoller204
Red Jen Austin033
White Becky Costello113
White Suzanne Lamoureux113
Blue Latrice Adkins022
White Lindsay Berkowitz022
Blue Jessie Curtin102
Red Kristin Morris102
White Beth Buettner011
White Katie Cowan011
White Lucy Matos011
Blue Jackie Sherman011
Blue Kellie Tomasetti011
Red Shirley Vinett011

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