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It's a Girl!

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On Monday, December 14, 1998, a little after 9 a.m. in Tiberias, Israel, our first granddaughter was born! Son-in-law Israel called us a few minutes later (it was just after 2 a.m. our time) to give us the news that Cindy's five-day labor had ended & that mother & baby were doing fine. Now for the details.

The Stats

Weight = 5 lb., 13.3 oz.

Length = "short" (per Israel) - (Later, we were told 18 inches)

Description = "Lots of fine, dark hair" - Israel; "Just perfect" - Cindy

Name = Noah NerYah Nelson

Explanation from Cindy:
"So, what you've all been waiting for: Her name is Noah NerYah Nelson:) But we still call her Sweetie! :) NerYah means candle of the Lord. She was born on the first day of Chanukah, which is the Feast of Dedication, also called the Festival of Lights, and we dedicated her to the Lord. Israel had the idea to name her after me, too, and since my name means reflector of light, the light thing ties in. I always thought Noah would be a beautiful name for a girl. It's not the same name in Hebrew as Noah and the Ark Noah. That's pronounced Noach (No-Ack) in Hebrew and is a man's name. There is a Noah in the Bible. She is one of the five daughters of Zelophehad in the Book of Numbers. He had only daughters so they appealed to Moses regarding their inheritance -- that it wouldn't be lost through marriage into another tribe. Her name means "movement". It's so apro-po because she was always moving when inside my womb. In Bible times they often named the baby by things like that and I always thought it was neat, but I would never name my kid "Movement" in English -- imagine the jokes. Anyways, we were pleased and feel like it's very appropriate. She looks like a Noah. :)

And here's what little Noah looks like!
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-- Latest photos:

The birth announcement from Cindy & Israel

Notes from Folks

From Israel's dad, Gid'on Nelson (who is living fairly close to Tiberias):

First let me tell you something you already know. Your daughter is amazing! They will probably write you the details of the birth process so I won't say anything about that except for the tremendous faith in God Cindy has. She was totally reliant upon His presence with her and Israel. There were many times when I would have probably given up (I've never given birth, even though I look pregnant) but I've been close enough to what goes on to identify with what was going on. Israel would call and give us periodic updates and Shira and I would be more nervous than the both of them. It's an amazing birth story with a very happy ending. We saw our granddaughter for the first time at around noon, only 3 hours from birth. She is gorgeous and Shira says she looks like Larry. Now how can she be gorgeous and look like Larry, I don't know....ha! But again, Cindy looked wonderful, glowing and not at all like she went through a marathon birthing process. Amazing! You have good reason to be proud.

Congratulations grandpa!


From my cousin, Dani Wing, in Oregon:

Congratulations!!! Oh, Grampa, watch out. That sweet little girl will have you both wrapped around her little finger. She sounds petite. I'll pass this on to mom (my Aunt Ruby). She will be delighted for you both. Take care.

Love ya,


From Mary's brother, Ted Mastromarino, in Connecticut:

Dear Larry (Grandpa) and Mary (Grandma),

Just received your E-mail -- congratulations on your new baby granddaughter. Such happy and exciting news! We are going to your web page for more information. Thanks for the info.

Ted and Roberta

From Mary's niece, Leslie Schlageter, in Massachusetts:

Hi Aunt Mary,

Sounds like Cindy had a tough time; she is very brave to deliver at home. I told my mom her name. Noah is a pretty name. Talk to you tomorrow.

Love, Leslie

From my cousin, Nancy Parish, in Washington:

Sorry to be so slow in responding. E-mail has been jammed up.

That's a tiny baby! Is Cindy okay? Bet you are glad you gave them a video camera.

Anyway. Enjoy being grandparents. I absolutely refused to let my grandkids turn me into a little old "Grandma." My Grandma was a nice lady, but OLD OLD OLD!!!! Jim is Grand-Daddy and I am Grandmother. (That's as close as I could get to being "Mother." Always wanted my kidsto call me Mother just like we called my mother "Mother" [and Daddy]. They never did, so I'm getting my wish with the gradkids. Leandra shortens Jim to "Dan-Dad.")

Tell us more as you get details.

Love, Nancy and Jim

From Mary's sister & brother-in-law, Lucy & Bill Hanlon, in Pennsylvania:

Congratulations to you both ! May she be a healthy, bright servant of the Lord.

I'm trying to remember what a wonderful experience it is to have the first one.

Have some champagne for me. Salut!


From my friend Janna, in California:

That's GREAT news! So happy to hear they are doing well. You must be ecstatic.

When are you going over there to visit?

Miss you. Banana

From my cousin, John Luther, in Texas:

Congratultions Grandfolks......Marcia and I are way too young to be grandparents but we are very happy for you and the kids. Hope all is well...Have a great Christmas...

John & Marcia

From my friend, Sid Moore, in Virginia:

Cindy and Israel,

Diana and I are very happy for both of you. We became grandparents for the 12th time on August 13th when our daughter Monica gave birth to Emma--a name she and husband Billy started using soon after they knew it was a girl.

We're glad that Noah was not a "whale" of a baby. Your explanation of the name makes it sound most appropriate. I always like my aunt Nora's name. It has the same ring to it.

Again, congratulations.


Sid Moore


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