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Winter 2002: Florida and the Bahamas

In late January, Mary & I flew down to Florida to visit my sister Jane for a few days (& to pick up an extra pillow case). Then we boarded the Sovereign of the Seas at Port Canaveral for a brief cruise to the Bahamas. Flew back home and landed just in time to hear the 20-17 winning score for the Patriots! Pictures below (& that's little SarEl up above; click for bigger picture).

Below: Lunch at a chowder place near Viera, Florida: Larry, Mary, sister Jane & brother-in-law Gordon
Jane & Gordon 19-year-old SimoneLarry & "older" sister Jane

The Cruise . . .

The two of us with our ship in Nassau. Sparkling waters at a stop at an island called Coco Cay.
Coming back from shopping in Nassau.The topside pool on the Sovereign of the Seas.
The beach at Coco Cay; you can see our ship
in the gap between the trees.
It's ldm at the harbor in Nassau; big pink hotel in background.

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